Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Today is the DAY!

So today is my 25th birthday. Yeah I know, DREAD is imminent! I do dread that I am closer to thirty but I know I am still young. My mom is 50something(don't worry mom, i won't reveal your true age) and I realize, 50 is the new 40! She looks amazing for her age! To realize I am not even halfway to that point, I am hopeful!!! So my main goal for this sight is to share interesting times in my life but also to share recipes that I love from my childhood or new ones I try(or fail) at. I am kind of a nerd and like to check out food blogs online. I have found a few I like but their recipes are so gourmet and NOT for just the average woman that just wants to make SIMPLE, yet YUMMY meals for their friends, husbands, kids or to impress the new or old boy in their lives!!!! The main goal of my blog will be recipes but at times I will give fun insight into my life as a youth drug counselor and my times there and just quotes, lyrics or songs that inspire me. I have always wanted to be a chef but circumstances have led me to being a full time at my job and for now I quite love it! I am able to cook for my clients since its a residential center and we have full kitchens including any ingredients I desire to use for them! So WELCOME to my site!

Here is my first recipe...
I have always had a disdain for brussel sprouts ( there are only 3 green veggies i dont like, peas, green peppers and brussel sprouts) and one day at work the clients wanted me to make them. The nurse at my work is this awesome guy named Manny who always has an irreverant thing to say to make me laugh. ANYWAYS on this particular day I was discussing my HATRED for brussel sprouts(ick) and he swore he had a recipe that would change my mind(yeah right i thought) So he strutted his stuff into the kitchen with me and showed me this recipe that changed how I feel about BS AND gave me great ideas for any green veggies! I do not have an EXACT recipe but eyeballing it works great, you just have to alter the amount for how many veggies you cook!

Sweet and Spicy greens!

Extra Virgin Olive oil (or EVOO as RR says)
fresh garlic(or garlic powder or garlic salt if no fresh is available)
red pepper flakes
salt(no salt if using garlic salt)

So I used frozen Brussel sprouts when I did this but you can used blanched fresh ones! OR I have done this is broccoli AND my fav. Asparagus! Drizzle enough EVOO to coat the veggies, then do a quick drizzle of honey(depending on how sweet you want it), then mince or grate 3-5 cloves of garlic(AGAIN depending on how much veg you are using and how much garlic you like, using fresh is not as potent as the salt or powder) sprinkle with red pepper flakes, pepper and salt. Its all about how much of each ingredient you like to how much you want to put of each! Bake at 350 until the veg is tender! Depends on what veg you are using! brussel is about 20-25 min, broccoli is about 20 min and asparagus is 20-25! Seriously this makes for a great mix of flavors! My boss keeps trying to get me to write down the recipe but eyeing it is really best! I have yet to mess it up!!! Hope you enjoy!

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